Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2nd 2013

News of the World
June 2nd

According to Twitter
Reporting from the Nations Capitol

White House responds to tweet about Home Ownership

The RNC have their Weekly Adress

The United Nations Video about WED2013: World Environmental Day 2013

Jordin Sparks reaches Level 101 on Candy Crush Saga

From the Mexican President

More Photos out of the Elysee
And this Live Stream

Usher reminds us all to Think BIG!!

Senator McCains son is Promoted
And Gets Married

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OAR :Live on Red Rock 
Out Now Once again they did not Cancel their Show. It was Cancelled on them. End Advertisement 

And here in a New Section of the Paper called 

 From the Desk of Malcolm Fraser There ends out new section 
From the Desk of Malcolm Fraser 

 After a C Note, 2 slabs of Beer and some cajoling
 i was able to get Macon Phillips to share this Vine of the 
White House Hackathon

UN Women on Indigenous doubling the risk of VAW

Julie Bishop is off to Canberra after being in Perth

Enrique Iglesias Thanks Morocco

Barack Obama reminds us once again Change comes about when you get involved

The Daily Show returns Monday Night

Enrique Peña Nieto had this to say Today

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Missy Higgins:  Unashamed Desire End of Advertisement 

Tom Anderson is still in Hawaii

The British Monarchy had this to say about the 60th coronation
And here are some Updates

Valerie Jarrett had this Video to share about 
 The President on the Housing Market

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade remind us of Italy’s Republic Day

Australia’s Government’s Department of Education, Employment 
& Workplace Relations had this to say about Gonski and Better Schools

Shadow Minister for Communications shares 
Article on US China Relations in regards to Hacking.

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This from the Pentagon Press Secretary

Screen Australia reminding people again on 
Deadline of Submissions to Cork Film Festival

Samuel L Jackson is out Playing Golf

The Liberal Party had this to say today

Barnaby Joyce is in Sydney

Cheryl Crow thanks the Rolling Stones

JLo and Mary J Blige share the stage and thank each other

Ashton Kutcher Tweets a New York Times Article... 
Setting the Goal of seeing if in 5 years i can get 
 Ashton Kutcher to Tweet one of my Articles

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Prime Minister Julia Gillard is off to see some more Football

Mel C carries Olympic Torch through London

Then there was this little back and forth 
Between Scott Morrison MP and the Prime Ministers Press Office

Then the Prime Ministers Press Office pointed out how Tony Abbott was wrong on something

This from Professor Husain Haqqani of International Rels Boston University. 
 Director (South & Central Asia) Hudson Institute. 
Former Pakistan Ambassador to the US 2008-2011

Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings is doing some Homework this weekend

This from the Foreign Affairs Committee on Syria

This Tweet from Governor Walker at the Great Lakes Meeting

Australian Singer Kimbra Tweets about the Violence in Turkey

The Prime Minister of India talks about more roads in rural areas

 Sarah Palin uploads 14 photos to Facebook under the Album 
"Inspired by Republic"

The Indian Ministry of Information and Broadband 
tweeted this Video of the Signature Tune behind "The India Story"

The 60th Anniversary of the Coronation begins

Taylor Swift is TERRIFIED of her own Back up Dancers

Out of La Moncloa is this tweet
World Bank says 1 in 3 people still rely on Wood or Solid fuels for cooking

Wayne Swan Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer 
releases his Economic Note

Warner Brothers Records crashes a Jason Derulo event

Ricky Martin is to add new shows to his Australian Tour

The Somalian Prime Minister on the UN handover on June 3

To think if i had got my act in gear i could have gone to this meeting in person

United Nations release this Video in dealing with the Internatial Crimes Court

This Video from NATO about Afghan Forces

James Blunt is on a Help the Heros ride

Min from Miss A makes this Vine and tweets it out

According to the European Union Travel premiums are to rise

Andrew Leigh sparked a bit of Chatter after sending out this tweet

Cabinet Office in UK had this to say about the Queens Awards

On This Day in History

And in the Sports

These are the events of the world Today June 2nd 2013
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