Monday, August 11, 2014

Native Advertising: A John Oliver Review


The Following Video by 
John Oliver on Last Week Tonight
uploaded on +YouTube

In the interest of full disclosure
i am using a 
to write this +Blogger 
currently on the +Google Chrome Browser

As i sit having just drank my +コカ・コーラ  or that's +Coca-Cola 

And having eaten some +Chipotle Mexican Grill  with some +Bud Light  to follow after.

of course i paid using my +PayPal  that was connected to my 
+American Express that was linked to my +Bank of America account.

I had just come back from +Lollapalooza , i was not ready to go to
+Lollapalooza Chile just yet this year.

As i sat down on my +IKEA USA furniture i tuned in
on my 
+Samsung USA Television
and using my 
+Samsung Mobile USA #GalaxyS5 Phone with #Gear
i started to watch the show.

Having finished watching the show.
i thought.
this is wrong
surely such institutions like
+National Geographic 
would not do this or 
+National Geographic Education 

Do not tell me this is happening in 
+Washington Post and +The New Yorker or even
+The New York Times 

Is this really going on in +USA TODAY or +NBC News or +Los Angeles Times 
i could totally understand if shows like
+The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 
did this or 
+Saturday Night Live 

If it was not for all the apps i had downloaded on
+Google Play i never would have been able to 
look up these things on my phone.
You do not think +Rolling Stone would do this?
with say +Red Hot Chili Peppers and +Red Bull 
or even +Rolling Stone Brasil and +Rolling Stone México 

and to think +New York Observer could 
possibly be out there making some form of 
"Native Advertisement"
+The New York Public Library 
or even the 
+New York Film Academy 
just be careful for the 
Native ad from 
+New York Life Insurance Company 

As if id fall for that "Native Advertisement"
 i would have to insure all those things
+Dolce & Gabbana gave me for free
to advertise in my News Paper
or the stuff from +Tommy Hilfiger and 
+Bed Bath & Beyond 

I just find it difficult to believe places like
+TechCrunch or +Pete Cashmore  from +Mashable 
or +Android Authority  or +Robert Scoble would be 
using some form of 
"Native Advertisement"
within there business Models and Blogs and sites like

No way would shows like 
+Hawaii Five-0 +NCIS and +NCIS: Los Angeles 
use product placement with in there shows
of say major Computer Models for Characters.

or would +BONES or +Castle or +New Girl 
use a Rival Computer company to have product placement
in the shows.
+Toyota USA  *cough* "Prius"

And as i had decided to not fly +American Airlines but rather
travel by +Amtrak back from Chicago i remembered 

what i saw in the +Chicago Tribune and something about
the +Chicago Mayor's Office statement about
+Chicago Blackhawks 
and how next to it was a advertisement for 
+Chicago P.D. and +Chicago Fire and +Chicago White Sox 
and i thought, dam, i just got fooled for some
"native advertisement"

and i now remember looking around at people reading both the
+Cosmopolitan Italia and +Cosmopolitan UK versions
also +PEOPLE and +WhoSay 
and started to wonder
just how much
"Native Advertisement"

is out there

Now to go read an article in +Luke Maniskas Inquirer 
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+Luke Maniskas 
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