Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29th 2013

Here are some interesting tweets

Reporting to you from the Nations Capitol

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Conference

The Anti Semitism Conference in Jerusalum

This By the Mecican President

A Scam Email being sent out trying to pose as the ATO

My Local Government Representative Tweeting about Local Issues

Then there is this important tweet from the Republic of Korea Army

The United Nations Women tweet about Memorial Day

Oh and Vice President Joe Biden meet Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar of Trinadad and Tobago and Haitian President Martelly

There is going to be a US - China Cyber Security Partnership of some sorts

The Secret Service Disrupt a Money Laundering Operation

Then there was this tweet released by the Prime Ministers Press Office

Today was a Parliament Sitting Day

The Senate of Australia was Busy with some Meetings

Once again La Casa Blanca had some important information for some people

The National Security Council is preparing for a meeting with President Barack Obama and President Xi of China

Wednesday is UN Peacekeepers Day

The European Union is on Googles Case

 There are 40 members of the 113th Congress in America that still do not believe in Climate Change

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy are having a Google Hangout

There was a lovely sunset over the Grand Canyon

The UN Secretary General met with Ambassador Feodor Starčević of Serbia

NASA have updated their Twitter List of Astronauts in Space

Then of course there are the tragic events of Oklahoma

There is going to be a reception at St James Palace by a 
Member of the Royal Monarch

This tweet from the French Dilpomate

The World Bank is using Instagram to fight Poverty

The OECD released a new Life Index 3.0 making anything to do with 2.0 things obsolete

This is what the Prime Minister of Korea had to say today via Twitter

The Prime Minster of India was in Japan

The Secretary General of NATO is visiting Washington

The French Embassy in Australia had this to say today ...

Here are some results of the Latin Trade Conference

I think this tweet is self evident, no need to explain

Marin Ferguson is retiring from Parliament after the Election

The Canadian Foreign Affairs and International Trade are working
towards Equal Participation of Women and Girls
in All Aspects of Society

Barry O farrell the NSW Premier had this to say

The Liberal Party of Australia had this to say

AusAid have a New Blog out

This  from the Japanese Prime Ministers Office

If anyone has used the Consulour Services of the British High Commission in Australia they would like it if you could take the time to do this Survey

Exercise Southern Jackaroo was completed

The US Department of State had this to say about UN PeaceKeeping

The National Security Council Confirms the NATO Secretary General will go to Washington
Australia's Indigenous TV are looking for any practising Buddhists who are indigenous

For some reason people are fascinated that the 
Prime Minister of Australia 
watches Game of Thrones

The Cat Empire CD "Steal the Light" goes to #1 
I new i had yet to get a CD,
 or though hopefully i can get it Signed by them next time i meet them

The Prime Minister of Somalia had this to say in regards to some The security of Beledweyne

The Australian Senate will be going late tonight

Here is a Video from The British Foriegn Office about Preventing Sexual Violence

This from the US Consulate in Mumbai

This Live Stream happened from the Elysee

SpotifyOZ turned One this year
as noted by
Warner Bros Music Australia

Then this out of the Vice Presidents office of Espanol

This from the UK Mission Geneva in regards to the situation in Syria

Wayne Swan the Treasure 
Deputy Prime Minister 
had this news from the OECD about the Australian Economy.

Then there was this from the 
Prime Minister of Malaysia 
in regards to the 
UN Population Fund and Family Planning Initiatives

The Department of Health and Ageing about the HPV Vacine for adolecents.
The Australian Air Force were delivering oversized
"Packages" to Tarin Kot

This out of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Government
 of Spain
about a
Carbon Expo

This is a tweet from the French Senate

This video is from the RNC in America
The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin met with the
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France
 also reminded us again that it is
UN Peacekeepers Day

These are just some of the events going on around the world today

(PS. also ASIO headquarters Blueprints may have been stolen by the Chinese)
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