Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31st 2013

The News From Around the World 
May 31st

According to Twitter.
Reporting from the Nations Captiol

The President of Mexico had this to say today

The World Bank says 1 in 6 people will not have Electricity by 2030

The Democratic Party respond to the GOP

The FBI are working against CyberCrime

The US Department of Defence 
have released the Transcript of 
Secretay Hagels event in Hawaii And Video

Also this Tweet about Sexual Assualt

The Republican Party requesting FOI on Benghazi and talking of course about ObamaCare

This out of the UK Prime Ministers Office

The FBI were also successful at stopping an attack on the Police

Another great Photo out of the US Department of Interior

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy 
have a New Task Force to help Consumers

This from the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs of Mexico

The Department of Foriegn Affairs and Trade in Australia are seeking submissions

Today is No Tobacco Day

This from the British Monarchy Gallery

President Barack Obama talks Immigration

How can you not put a Tweet in about a Turtle

This from the US Embassy in Canberra about Counter Terrorisom Efforts
Confirmed by the State Departments Counter Terrorist Bureau

This out of World Bank Asia

This from the White House about Student Loans

This out of the Australian War Memorial and Royal Australian Navy On This Day

Some Witty Banter between the Australian Senate and About the House

La Casa Blanca had this photo and important information to share

This Tweet from the UN Women about Child Mortality rates plus a Hangout on June 6th

The Australian Hansard released some documents

The Cat Empire are giving away a some tickets to enter buy their Album

The ATO once again reminding many Australians they 
owe the government money

There was this State Brief about North Korea

The Our Presidents showed off some Vintage Air Force One and Vehicles

This from the Fair Work Ombudsman about Unfair Dismissal Claims

Screen Australia reminding us to watch TV Documentary about Whitlam.

NSW Premier was at an Opening Today

Triple J inform people the Annandale Hotel in Sydney has been sold

This out of the Prime Ministers Office of Australia

This Story from Living Black 
Australia's Indigenous TV Network 
about A Mother seeking pardon for her son in a Saudi Jail
Also this Video about Australia's Railways

This from the Prime Minister of Korea

This Tweet from the Liberal Party, a Response by Rob Oakshott

Then there was this tweet by TeamJG

Then this tweet about World Environmental Day that is around the corner

This tweet form the US National Archives about Memorial Day

I do not know how this tweet got in here

This tweet form the Australian Air Force about its History

This from the Republic of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This Tweet from the Deputy Leader of the Opposition

This from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia

Then there was this tweet from the Leader of Greens Party

Then this Tweet from Tony Abbott Leader of the Opposition

This from the Department of Boradband, Communications and the Digital Economy.

Nemo is now on Stamps

This from the Australian Government Department of Families,
 Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs.
Then there was this Tweet from La Moncloa

The Prime Minister of India Returns from his 5 day tour of Japan

The Australian Treasury is seeking Consultations

The Shadow Minister for Communications had this to say

NSW Rural Fire Service is having a Blood Donation Challenge

The Secretary of NATO was in Washington

Kim Beazly Ambassador to the US had a Podcast on
The Defence White Paper

This form the Prime Ministers Office in Japan
This from the Pentagon Press Secretary

The French Ministry for Foriegn Affairs had this to say about Somalia

This out of France at the Elysee

The Ministry of Defence of Spain had this to say

Member for Parliament Kate Ellis is off to see The Great Gatsby

The Australian Ambassador to Japan had this to say

The Prime Minister plus a Baby, can only mean one thing, Election Time.

One year ago i terminated my Contract with
the Australian Company who i created
Social Media Profiles for.

They did not pay me my outstanding Balance
before they used the
Password recovery email i had set up
to go back to the companies Email Account
to gain back control of the
Twitter Accounts before paying me my money.

Here are some of the tweets they are sending one year
after still not paying me

This is the Last tweet i can remember sending from this account
This is the last tweet i remember sending from this account
Here however are some of the 
American Companies who i believe do have 
Authorisation from Raymond Li to use the name Jetlev.

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