Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 4th 2013

News of the World
June 4th

According to Twitter
Reporting from the Nations Capitol

From the Prime Minister of Somalia

Its Dr Bidens Birthday

The President on Mental Health after holding a Conference

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End Commercial 

 Can always count on the US Dept of Interior to tweet a Great Photo

Looking for House Republicans that are Women! Then look no further

Geena Davis will be joining the UN Women Hangout on June 6th

News from the Government of Mexico

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Interesting Developments with the Arms Treaty

This from the Democratic Party about the GOP

World Environment Day is Tomorrow

The US State Department had this to say about Polish Visitors

Selena Gomez does a Live Chat

Miley Cyrus does a Twitter Music #AskMiley

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UN Secretary General meets with foreign Minister of Germany

Vine Makes it to Galaxy Devices

From the President of Mexico

Out of the Library of Congress

Sarah Palin uploaded a Photo to Facebook

Out of the US Treasury Today is this Tweet

From the US House and Senate Floor

Australian Ambassador to the US
 Kim Beazley on the Death of Yothu Yindi’s Frontman

 Taylor Swift will join the Rolling Stones in Chicago Tonight

Canadian Travel have Declared a State of Emergency in Czech Republic

Enrique Iglesias at Madison Square Garden

On the passing of Senator Frank Lautenberg

Kings of Leon talk about this Festival

From the Office of the VP

Out of OMB Press is this Tweet

This from Australian Film

From the Prime Minister's Press Office

From the Australian Parliament

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Wallabies put their Twitter Handle on their shirts
End Commercial 

Pete Souza releases this Photo

John McCain goes on the Charlie Rose Show

From Living Black


 Its LGBT Pride Month

Tanya Plibersek had this to say today

Tom Anderson sees a Rainbow 
No, not a Double Rainbow just a single one

The US EAP Media Hub had this to say

From the Desk of Malcolm Fraser

Secretary Kerry Meeting with Chilean President Pinera

Education Minister Peter Garrett had this tweet for the QLD Premier

 Treat Williams has started Rehearsals for Lion in the Winter

The Shadow Minister of Communications had this tweet today

Australian Labor Tweeted out this for Better Schools

The Israeli Embassy in OZ had this tweet

Well now i have a new Goal:
 To get complemented by Joe Hockey on one of my Canberra Photos
What does he make of this one i took when i was there

Warner Bros Australia has some Major Illy News 
 (did i ever mention the time i met him in person)


 From the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Out of Japan we have this Tweet

Vine Makes it to Android via Twitter Australia

The Fair Work Ombudsman is having a Live Chat Tomorrow

The United Nations remind us today is 
International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

Missy Higgins to Perform in June at Broome

Splendour in the Grass Tickets re-sale starts tomorrow at 9

From the US National Archives

Samuel L Jackson was at a Benefit today

Gabon's Foreign Minister to go to the ROK

This from Team JG

And this little back and forth between the PM and her Deputy

US Embassy Canberra are having a Social Media Catch up day

I post my First Vine

Liberals plan to Abolish the Carbon Tax

The Prime Minister of India had this tweet today

The Australian Army News is now online

The Governor General was in France Today at the Elysee

our section of the paper called "Did you know?":
 Interesting Facts from the War Memorial

The United Nations on Iran

Ryan Adams Tweets photos of Cats. Cats People, The Internet Loves Cats.

NATO Defence Ministers had a meeting Today

The ATO will soon have a new look on its
Website It better not be called ATO 2.0

Live Betting Odds may be off the TVs but is rife on Twitter

Out of Spain we have these Tweets

Boy and Bear announce their first
Single from their new albulm

GO the Socceroos
Tony Abbott + Reflective Gear = Election
Out of the Ministry of Information and Broadband in India is this Graphic
Out of the Prime Ministers Office of Japan.
European Union
And with the Coronation
Kristen Chenoweth, 
makes it to Australia, 
Finds a piece of America, 
and still has not responded to my request 
for an interview for this News Paper
Tony Abbott applauds PM
Operation Slipper Transfer of Authority Out of Malaysia the PM had this to say
 The President of Russia met with the 
Prime Minister of Iceland Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson
From Number 10 Downing Street
From the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Korea
The World Trade Organisation had this to say
Nicole Scherzinger has a cup of tea on first day back of Xfactor

On this Day

And in Sports

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