Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 5th 2013

The News Today
June 5th 

According to Twitter
Reporting from the Nations Capitol

The National Security Press had this to Say about the Egyptian Verdicts

This Important Note from Youtube about Chuck Taylors

Michael Buble on his new Album

President Announces nominee for DC District Court

President of Mexico had this to say

Its World Environment Day


 Jay Carney the Press Secretary had this to say about Patent Trolls

US Department of Interior Posts another great Photo

Happening at the 113th Congress

Snoop Lion Tweets out his Collab with Miley Cyrus

Ellen Shouts out to new BFF Olivia Munn
Olivia Then Tweets This

Ciara will be performing at a Gay Pride Parade in LA


Peteroles Mexico had this to say about the use of Rescources

Espero que disfruten de este tweet de La Casa Blanca,

The NBA Finals are on

Treat Williams finds Archaic form of Communication Device
Canada Travel had this to say about Turkey

The Grammys had this Photo of the Queen and Rod Stewart

 Instagram is Hiring

Valerie Jarrett had this Pic of the President meeting 
Civil rights heroine Myrlie Evers

So did Pete Souza

Out of the Australian Parliament we have these tweets

The British High Commission had this Tweet Today

Australian Ambassador to the US had this Tweet about Australian Films

Origin begins Today

IF you are sitting there and thinking Dam man,
 back in 1983 i really could have used Wikipedia 
Then look no further

From the Department of Education, Employment and 
Workplace Relations is this tweet

The RNC had this Video

Some Tweets from the British Monarchy

Kaley Cuoco and William Shatner Team up

In our section called “Be more like the Huffington Post” 
I have linked you to The Daily Show
PS i would done a Motivational Speech in America for $5,000 
Saving the Taxpayer $12,000 

 News out of the Government of Mexico

Nicki Minaj is on the set shooting

 Pharrell Williams quotes Ayn Rand

Out of the Department of State are these tweets

In the Game of Thrones + Prime Minister Saga

However in this Infographic they left out The House of MySpace

Once again from our Section of the Paper called 
From the Desk of Malcolm Fraser

Australian Labor Tweeted this Today

Rolling Stones Tweets out Republican Findings on Millennials

The Australian War Memorial Tweets out This Photo of a Bucket

There is going to be a Psych Musical

 Sarah Palin Stops uploading photos to Facebook and has this to say

The Great Gatsby Takes in Record Numbers

Speaker Boehner had this to say about the IRS Scandal

Screen Australia had this to say

From Living Black: they are still looking for any 
 Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander who is a practising Buddhist

National Archives tweet out Yul Brynner Declaration of Intention from 1943

World Bank has this to say about Living Healthier lives in Europe and Asia

Though we all know its because of Kpop


 The Prime Minister had this tweet today about Better Schools

Joe Hockey had this to say about the Senate Economics Committee

According to my Local MP Sarah Wiley bakes the Best Cookies

Jamie Briggs met Michael Long and Tony Frawley 
to discuss indigenous development programs
France Australia had this to say Today
Bluesfest Byron Bay Had this RT

And in Sports

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