Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 6th 2013

The News of the World
June 6th

According to Twitter
Reporting form the Nations Capitol

This Video from the Camp of KRudd has been causing a stir

Someone from the Government of Mexico discovered PhotoGrid

The Olympics show off the new Medals

Dam you  Michelle Obama . and you're 
“Lets Move” Initiative “Healthy Options” at National Parks 
I wanted some In and Out Burgers or White Castle

Are you looking for a Prince?

Minn from Miss A  is Playing The way by Ariana

Once Again the FBI have been busy

The Democrats Tweet out this Video

Valerie Jarrett had this Facts to tweet out

From the Republic of Korea Army

Out of the United Nations

The Library of Congress had this Tweet about 
the Lost Film Festival

In Mexico with the Chinese President Xi Jinping


 World Bank is using Tumblr for Visualizations

The Australian Law Reform release 
Copyright, the Digital Economy Discussion Paper

In the Australian Parliament Today

From the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

On the Situation in Syria

+Barack Obama  Talks Immigration and Citizenship 
(have i ever told you the story of my struggle to emigrate to America)


 The Grammys had this Interesting Video

Out of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

President announces new National Security Team

José Antonio Meade had this to say today

Deborah Cox posts Birthday Vine

+Pharrell Williams  now quoting Socrates

Out of the US Embassy in Canberra


+Ashton Kutcher  had this tweet today

SuperBowl Champions Ravens visit +The White House 

Canadian Prime Minister Congratulates Olympic Champion

According to +Tom Anderson  its Summer in Hawaii

From the White House Office of Science Technology Policy

The US Treasury are taking Interns
 (PS i would play down your connection to the Tea Party if you plan applying)

FLOTUS welcomes students to the White House


 Pete Souza had this Photo

Well at least someone is at School

From our regular section called 
From the Desk of Malcolm Fraser

Kori Schulman tweets our about a Hangout

Screen Australia on a SBS Comedy My Year without Sex

According to Diddy “Shit is Real”

Once again here at the +Luke Maniskas Inquirer 
we try to get to the stories no other news agency 
will talk about
 (Other times we just be more like the Huffington Post 
and Link you to other news agencies)

The Prime Minister's Office had this Back and forth with Mathias Cormann

LL Cool J reminds us all to “Stay Focused”


 From the European Union

From Living Black

Jordan Sparks Laughs Out Loud


How did this Tweet get in here?

From the Australian War Memorial

UN Peacekeeping have this tweet about 
how new Operations are formed

France Australia had this Tweet

100 Days out from the Election the Liberal Party have this

There was this Photo from the Prime Minister of India

On This Day

And Today in Sports

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